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Treatment for Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide treatment on lien bases for trusted attorneys.

Qualified Medical Evaluations

We perform impairment evaluations for the State of California. Medical-legal reports to address advanced issues of permanent impairment,apportionment, and treatment issues.

Medical Consulting | Expert Testimony

We help physicians with complicated medical-legal issues and expert testimony before superior court.

Affordable Cash Plans

For qualifying patients we offer cash discounts per State Law.

Inspirational Speeches to Youth

We want to help the youth of our community and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Computer Science in Medical Practice

Python, Java, Linux, and postgresSQL used to deliver secure content to the world.

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Excellent Evaluation and Treatment since 1992

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A vision to help a community in need

When Dr. Jose Reynoso founded the clinic in 1992, he believed that everyone should have access to great care and that the clinic should be a part of helping the community not just by delivering effective treatment but also by inspiring the community to pursue excellence. He has always believed that if anyone is given the opportunity and good health, they too can accomplish great things.

Serving the needs of the people

He was inspired by his godfather who was a physician in a small town in mexico. His godfather not only treated the sick, but literally helped build the community by helping build the roads and homes in his spare time. A sense of community has always been a driving force in Dr. Reynoso's clinic.

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